Save Money On Holiday Shopping With These 4 Simple Tips

“Tis the season to be jolly” goes the old Christmas carol and indeed that holds true for all holiday seasons. But the holiday season is also the season to inspire lots and lots of spending effectively, turning the whole thing into a veritable nightmare once the bills start flowing in.   So whether you’re shopping for presents, buying and dolling up your Christmas tree, or ordering the largest turkey in store complete with all the garnishing, there are many ways you may track and curtail your expenditures.

Use the right card for the right purchase

Every holiday season, different credit cards offer great discounts when shopping at specific stores or fine dining at many restaurants. For example, RBS might offer a flat 25 percent discount while shopping at Macy’s departmental store. Moreover, many megastore outlets also offer their very own ‘loyalty’ cards that offer special rewards and incentives to their valued customers. These may be in the form of special discounts, ‘buy one and get one free’ deals as well as gift coupons for the purchase of goods up to pre-specified amounts. For example, a store may offer a $20 coupon for the purchase of items worth $100. More ever both loyalty cards and credit cards offer ‘cash back’ incentives as well as bonus points that may be redeemed at different stores, restaurants, and service stations.  Utilization of such cards’ discount features may end up saving you a substantial amount.

“Sale Mail” accounts

When shopping, it is wise to set up what may be referred to colloquially as a ‘sale mail’ account. It may be a free email account that you create exclusively for the purpose of checking discounts being offered at different restaurants and stores. Often commercial establishments ask their customers to drop their email addresses so they will be able to receive discounts and incentives right in their mail box.

Such an email address may be ignored till its holiday season, in which case you may sign in and check your favorite stores to see what they are offering and at what prices before rushing into a buying spree. But please do remember to save your password whenever you make such an email account.


Yes the noble art of bargaining seems to be disappearing these days. But that does not mean you have to take everything at tag price value. Sometimes good old fashioned ‘haggling’ can convince a seller to drop his prices rather than lose a potentially lucrative sale. So learn to bargain and bargain well. It would help if you have done your homework beforehand, by checking prices at other stores as well.

Shop online

This way it is far easier to compare prices then to trudge from store to store.  Not only does it eliminate all the hassle but this way you can beat the holiday season rush and be able to stay away from the ‘battle of the parking lots.’ You may also utilize different coupon sites that offer online discounts and actually have your presents delivered not just to your home but to all your recipients as well.

Invest in yourself

Don’t do it! Don’t trade online without learning about what to do first. Trading online without an idea of how to do it other than give your money away… is the same as throwing your money on a fire. There’s nothing wrong with doing that of course… that is if you want to be poor. If you want to be poor… sure… go right ahead.

What the average newbie online trader doesn’t know never fails to scare the living pants out of us. Most people see the Wolf of Wall street and think that they can become a billionaire trader over night. This simply isn’t true! Where do you start? Go on… ask yourself.

With the internet came hundreds of ways for the average person to lose money on the stock market. This includes trading stocks, investments, binaries, bods, gilts, indices… you name it. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder people get confused… but they still try it anyway! The problem with this is that good money can be made from the stock market! However, most people dabble and then lose money, which cause them to give up before they experience any success.

We provide courses that teach users how to best use financial instruments to increase their wealth. Our courses are easy to use and aimed at beginners, however we do have intermediate and mid-level course for those who are making a bit of money but want to make it to that next level.

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